Conversation with Tom Wlaschiha

Tom Wlaschiha, who plays Jaqen H’ghar in the TV show « Game of Thrones » was one of the main guests at the Digital Game Manga Show in Strasbourg from May 7-8, 2016. The German born actor talked about his mysterious character and how « Game of Thrones » changed his life.

Tom Wlaschiha @ Digital Game Show Strasbourg 08.05.2016 (8)

Were you afraid that your character Jaqen H’ghar would die in the show ?
No, not really… I think that Jaqen H’ghar is already dead ! He has the face of a dead man. If the producers would chose to kill me, someone else would take my face.

How did the other actors react when they realized that their characters would die, especially Kit Harington ?
I don’t know how Kit reacted. He is still alive, I met him recently ! It’s pretty cool that in this show anything can happen, especially when you don’t expect it… But it’s not a problem for me that people die !

In how many countries did you travel for the show ?
Most of the show is shot in Ireland, the studios are in Belfast and there is always a set in the South. During season 6, it was in the South of Spain and for seasons 4 and 5, it was in Croatia. But my parts are mainly in a studio, because Jaqen H’ghar likes to be inside.

Tom Wlaschiha @ Digital Game Show Strasbourg 08.05.2016 (4)

Do you have any expectation for your character in the future ?
Like I said, with Game of Thrones, you can not have any expectations ! And if you have some, then you can be sure that they will not happen because the producers and George R.R. Martin are totally unpredictable and whatever you think will happen… does not happen. But of course, I expect to see Jaqen H’ghar on the iron throne at the end.

You’re German, and live in Berlin. How did you end up playing in Game of Thrones ?
First, I did a lot of theatre in Germany, then I did movies and TV shows, also in Germany. I don’t know how many of you watch German TV… Somehow, I got bored in Germany and then I looked for a UK agency, because I wanted to do more international stuff. I was lucky to get a role in Game of Thrones, that became such a big success everywhere. But for an actor, it doesn’t matter where you shoot : Germany, USA, UK… The most important is the script. And at the moment, I think the best ones come from USA and UK.

Tom Wlaschiha @ Digital Game Show Strasbourg 08.05.2016 (3)

How many other seasons of Game of Thrones will we have ?
I don’t know… I think the producers said that there would be 2 more seasons after season 6. That’s the only thing I know.

Can we expect to see you in a movie in a near future ?
I hope so. Actually I don’t know yet, because for as long as Game of Thrones is running, I have a contract, but I don’t know if I would be on the next season. I will only find out in a few weeks if I’m going to be on the next season, so I have to keep the time free for this. And if I die, then I can do other stuff, yeah…

How often do you see George R.R. Martin ?
I have only met George once, he’s usually not on the set. I met him at the premiere of season 5. He’s very funny.

Tom Wlaschiha @ Digital Game Show Strasbourg 08.05.2016 (7)

Would you like to play in a French movie ?
Yes, I would love to ! I already had two opportunities that I had to decline, because Game of Thrones didn’t allow me to do it. Well, maybe Game of Thrones isn’t such a good thing…

What do you think of the French cinema ?
The French cinema is very special in Europe, because it’s a total different style. I love French cinema… I’m not a fan of blockbusters or action movies. I love French movies where two characters can talk for hours, sitting at a table ! I’m also an fan of Isabelle Huppert, I would love to do a movie with her.

Tom Wlaschiha @ Digital Game Show Strasbourg 08.05.2016 (6)

You play a dark and cold murderer in Game of Thrones. How do you get prepared for your role ?
I don’t need to get prepared, that’s how I am in real life ! I don’t find it that difficult… What is interesting in Game of Thrones, is that the caracters are very complex. There are very human, nothing is black or white. The all have secrets, that’s what makes the story so interesting for the viewers. I don’t think it’s really Fantasy, I would say it’s more like… Shakespeare.

What is your favourite character in the show ?
Well, I have to say Arya and Tyrion. But I especially like twisted characters like Joffrey and Ramsay Bolton.

Do you have any funny story from the set ?
Nothing funny happens… Most of the time, all my scenes are with Arya, so we’re sitting backstage. As an actor, you wait most of the time : 80 % of your time is waiting. So, we sit and play videogames and we try to beat each other. Of course, I win ! We have to concentrate on our work. It’s great to act with Arya (Maisie Williams), she’s really a natural. When I first met her, she was 13 years old and now she’s 18. So she’s growing with her character, which is pretty cool.

Talking about video games…. What kind of games do you play ?
I was sure that you would ask that question ! I usually play games on my phone, like 2084. It’s very boring as I told you !

What’s your favourite death in the show ?
My favourite death scene is definitely « The Red Wedding » at the end of season 3, because it came so unexpected. Even if I had read the books before. Also, speaking of films… For television it is a great sequence, the way it’s filmed – visually and dramatically – it’s pretty unique.

Tom Wlaschiha @ Digital Game Show Strasbourg 08.05.2016 (2)

Are there other German actors on the set of Game of Thrones ?
Right now, I’m the only one but Sibel Kekilli played Shae. She’s also from Germany but unfortunately… dead now.

You have a little accent in the show. Do you have a coach on set who helps you ?
The producers of the show do not want any American actor because it’s a middle-age story. An American accent wouldn’t fit. That’s why most of the actors are English, Irish or from other European countries. But we have some languages coaches on set who are here to check if there is any mistake.


Conversation with Ellen Dubin

The multi-talented Ellen Dubin comes back on our TV screen in a supernatural TV show called « The Collector ». This Canadian supernatural drama show is about a man trying to help save people who have bargained their souls with the Devil. The show originally aired in June 2004 on Space Channel. The sci fi queen and Gemini nominated actress gives us some clues about her character in the show…
Ellen Dubin in The Collector (3)        .
– Can you tell us a little bit more about your character, Jeri Slate ?

– Jeri Slate is a passionate intense journalist who will stop at nothing to get to the truth of a story. Her relentless pursuit of that story can get her into real trouble. She is also a single mother of an autistic boy who may be the son of the devil. The great gem about playing Jeri, is I get to show my ballsy aggressive side as the newspaper journalist but my softer more vulnerable side when dealing with my son Gabriel ( played by Aidan Drummond). I loved the multi-dimensional layers of this character. I also loved the fact that I dealt  with very real issues that a mother would deal with, even in a supernatural drama.

– How difficult is it to play a character who is a single Mum with an autist son ? How could you communicate on screen ?

– First of all, to play opposite that wonderful little boy Aidan is a pleasure. So there was absolutely no problem having that natural chemistry with him as a son – a joy to work with. Second of all, I just wanted to convey the proper way to deal with autism on screen, so I did a lot of research and spoke to mothers who deal with this on a daily basis and basically the consensus was : don’t treat him any differently. Also, Aidan is not autistic.  It’s funny when I was with him on set (and we spent a lot of time together), I felt very protective of him and so it ended up that, that maternal instinct read very well on camera. We had a very special bond. 

Ellen Dubin in The Collector (4)

– How is the relationship between you & Gabriel and between you & the Collector evolving ?

– That is a wonderful question and you will just have to stay tuned to find out ! Let’s put it this way : Jeri Slate wants to know a lot about Morgan Pym ( played by Chris Kramer) and things can heat up and in relationship to Gabriel, you will find out more about who his father really is…

– The role of Jeri Slate gave you a Gemini nomination, how does it affect your career ?

– As an actor who has paid her dues and worked so diligently and hard in this business, to be honored for my work was a dream come true. It is amazing to be recognized for your acting by your peers – which to me is the most rewarding way to get nominated. It hasn’t affected my career that much, but it never hurts to be acknowledged. I am very proud of my work on « The Collector ».  

-The show was unfortunately cancelled after 3 successful seasons. What happened ?
I am really not sure what happened but I think the producers believed that the show and the story lines had run their course and to bow out gracefully before it got too repetitive. So kudos to them for knowing when to end the show. Better to finish on a high point. I do miss the show though. 
– It’s a Devil of a job to reap souls for Satan… Do you actually believe in that supernatural dark side ?
I believe that people have a darker evil side. What they choose to do with that side is entirely up to them. I hope people don’t act on that base nature but sadly there are many stories in the news which show the opposite. I also think that there are forces out there, that can’t be explained. But I like to believe still that people are basically good at heart.
Ellen Dubin in The Collector (2)


– How did you put a foot in the sci fi and supernatural world ?

– My first job as an actor was the wild, wacky and wonderful series « LEXX » which I did for four seasons playing Giggerota the Wicked, the cannibal. I am so grateful to Paul Donovan for hiring me for that show. It was the start of my sci fi career and the beginning of getting my feet wet in this world of the greatest most loyal fans. For that I am eternally grateful ! Love playing in this genre.

– Do you have time to follow any TV shows ? In which show would you like to star in ?

– I watch a wide variety of programs from comedy to drama, from sci fi to reality shows. I would love to be on « True Blood », « Law and Order », The Following », « Sleepy Hollow », « Once Upon A Time », « Game of Thrones », « Reign ». There are so many great shows out there right now ! And maybe a new one out there to star in…

Make sure to catch Ellen on Chiller TV in The Collector every Monday evening at 8pm EST.
If you want to know more about Ellen Dubin, please visit her website, Facebook profile, Facebook page, Twitter and IMdb !
Photo credit : courtesy of Ellen Dubin

Love & Blood ItaCon : Torrey DeVitto & Zach Roerig

Vampires and hybrids,

We have a terrific last-minute bonus guest : please welcome the lovely Torrey DeVitto in Perugia !

Torrey DeVitto-Love & Blood ItaCon 2013

Torrey began her career in commercials, which helped her to get to TV and film jobs.

She co-starred in the TV show « Beautiful People », being Kyle Schmid’s love interest and appeared in the 2006 movie “I’ll always know what you did last summer” as Zoe.

She has been guest-starring on the popular TV Shows “Scrubs”, “ CSI: Miami” and “One Tree Hill” before being cast as Melissa Hastings in the TV show “Pretty Little Liars”. She got later a recurring role in “The Vampire Diaries” as Meredith Fell, a young doctor who is fascinated by Alaric, when she notices how quickly he recovers from an injury.

Torrey has recently signed on to star as Maggie Hall  in the popular drama show « Army Wives. » She just wrapped the film ‘Evidence‘ starring Stephen Moyer (« True Blood« ), which will be released in 2013.

In addition to acting and singing, DeVitto contributes to various humanitarian causes and supports PETA.

Torrey DeVitto will join another Human character from « The Vampire Diaries » : Zach Roerig.

Zach Roerig-Love & Blood ItaCon 2013

Born in Ohio, Zach was a successful football player and wrestler. Later, he decided to move to New York and got one of his first acting job with the role of Casey Hughes on the soap “As The World Turnsfor two years.

He made his big TV break starring as Matt Donovan in “The Vampire Diaries”, a loveable guy surrounded by all kind of supernatural occurrences…

He’s also co-producer of the short movie “Revelation” written by Joseph Morgan, another cast member of “The Vampire Diaries”.

Other actors attending the event : Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, Nathaniel Buzolic and Candice Accola.

Our event is SOLD OUT, plese check all the latest info on our WEBSITE and see you all in Perugia from May 31 – June 02, 2013.

Conversation with Miltos Yerolemou

« Britain’s got talent » and we know it. Miltos Yerolemou is one of the few actors who can play everything, from Shakespeare to the First Sword of the Sealord of Braavos… Conversation with one of the fan-favorite actors of « Game of Thrones » about theatre, Syrio Forel and his next movie…

Miltos Yerolemou

– Miltos, could you introduce yourself ? You have a lovely Greek name, but you’re based in London…

– Yes, it means ‘the red earth‘. I am in Bristol at the moment and just finished a run of “A Midsummer Nights Dream” at the Bristol Old Vic. We are about to take the show to the “Spoleto Festival” in America next week.

– Your character Syrio Forel became quickly very popular among the “Game of Thrones” fans. What do you think about your character and did you expect such a charisma coming out of him ? 

– We all like unconventional, inspiring teachers. Syrio comes from a long line of them in fantasy fiction, like Obi Wan Kenobi and Mister Miyake from the Karate Kid ! His role in Arya’s story is why he became a fan favourite, but I never expected the reaction to my performance… Syrio has a lot of ‘me’ in him.

Miltos Yerolemou-Syrio Forel-Game of Thrones (2)

– Where do your fencing skills come from ?

– Many years of sword fighting at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre Company plus a background in dance. This means I can pick up choreography very easily.

– People keep on wondering why you didn’t take the sword from one of the guards you had already knocked down…

– Who said I didn’t ? 🙂

– How did they get the idea of an Italian accent for Syrio ?

– It is not Italian. I am Greek Cypriot and I used a little of that, but I did not want to make it a specific accent – as Braavosi is a fantasy language – and so I used a little Greek, a little Italian and a little Spanish and then pushed it East into Persia…

– How do you think your character ended ? The fact that we don’t see him dying leaves every door open to see him coming back when we don’t expect him anymore… In a TV show, no one is really dead ! 

– This is true ! Part of me likes to think he gave his life defending this girl he grew to admire and love and he is a man of honour who is not afraid of death. On the other hand, he is the first sword of Braavos and I don’t think you can kill him that easy.

Miltos Yerolemou-Syrio Forel-Game of Thrones (3)

– What other character of the show would you find interesting to play ? 

– Varys (played by Conleth Hill). In fact, that was the part I first read for when I was approached to be part of “Game Of Thrones”.

– Have you read the entire saga « A song of ice and fire » ? If so, before or after playing Syrio ? Did it help you building your character or did the production team have a different point of view ?

– I am reading “Storm of Swords”. I did read the first book before filming, but it helped a little – not a lot – as Syrio is deliberately enigmatic. That’s what makes him so appealing. But it gave me a sense of the world and I loved G.R.R. Martin’s writing.

– Is there a little bit of Syrio in you or did he leave you something ?

– Syrio is definitely me and I am Syrio !

– Miltos, you have an impressive list of British theater credits. I guess Shakespeare has no secrets for you anymore… 

– Oh, that’s the exciting thing about Shakespeare : you can perform it all your life and it will always surprise you !

Miltos Yerolemou in Shakespeare's 'The Comedy of Errors' (2009)

Miltos Yerolemou in Shakespeare’s ‘The Comedy of Errors’ (2009)

– How did you discover your love for theatre and what was your first stage memory ?

– I was playing the barman in “Bugsy Malone” when I was 9 years old. I never looked back after the first custard pie in the face !

– What’s your favourite Shakespeare play ?

– “Hamlet” and my favourite role : Iago in “Othello”.

– Now that you’ve experienced many different things, what do you prefer : theatre, TV or movies ?

– I love both for different reasons, and now I want to do more TV and films.

– A few months ago, you shot a short film beside James Cosmo (Jeor Mormont in « Game of Thrones ») named “The Boogeyman” that all Stephen King fans will recognize. How did you both end up working on this project ?

– I love James and it has been an honour to get to know him a little, as I have always admired him as an actor of infinite dexterity and power. We were asked and I wasn’t going to say “no”to spend some more time with such a brilliant human being !

– Horror movies are far away from what you’ve played until now… What was the real challenge in playing Lester Billings ? And how did you get prepared for such a role ? 

– You don’t prepare… With horror, you have to live in the moment and react to any given situation. In fact, most film acting should be spontaneous and impulsive. Trust your instincts and don’t think too much. Just react. That will be honest and powerful.

Miltos Yerolemou-The Boogeyman (1)

– Did you know Stephen King’s world before working on “The Boogeyman” ?

– Yes, I read him as a teenager and before filming this film, I re-read the short stories and was reminded what a fantastic and profound writer he is.

– Where and when can we expect to see you in “The Boogeyman” ?

– Hopefully sometime this year ! Ill let you know when I know !

You can Check Miltos’ website or follow him on Twitter but also have a look at The Boogeyman‘s website.

Convention : Slayer ItaCon – James Marsters

Dear Vampire Slayers,

Guess who’s coming to haunt you at the Slayer ItaCon from 2nd-4th August, 2013 ?

… Spike himself.

James Marsters - Slayer ItaCon 2013

James Marsters will always be the unforgettable platinum-blond English vampire Spike in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and its spin-off “Angel”, from 1997 to 2004.

When I was cast, Joss Whedon did not imagine me to be popular : Spike was supposed to be dirty and evil, punk rock, and then… dead.

Since then, he has been seen in recurrent sci-fi roles in “Smallville”, “Torchwood”, « Caprica » but also in the first season of the brand new « Hawaii 5-0 ».

He’s also a singer, musician and talented songwriter. In 2003–04, he was the lead singer of the rock band “Ghost of the Robot” before launching his solo career.

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Conversation with Joseph Morgan

Here is an exclusive interview with Joseph Morgan ! If you’re « Team Klaus » in the « Vampire Diaries », you should definitely have a look at this actor who loves to work on mysterious projects with his friends Luke Massey and Benjamin Read… Here is the second part of our « Warhouse » saga with Joseph, who plays the lead character in the movie. You can catch up the first part of our interview at the Festival de Cannes with Luke Massey & Benjamin Read  HERE.

– Becoming an actor is usually a childhood dream… What was your first attempt as an actor ever ?
– When I was very young, maybe five, my grandparents on my mothers side took me to see a production of Peter Pan. On the way home in the taxi I was very quiet, so much so that they were worried I hadn’t enjoyed myself. When they asked what was wrong I said I was trying to work out how to make the hook for my hand. I was planning to recreate the entire production for my parents when we got home. One coat hanger later I was ready to go. That’s the first attempt I can remember, but we always kept a dressing up box in my house and I was always into making up characters.
– Ben & Luke wrote the role of A.J. Budd for you. It’s a longtime friendship between you and them, did that put more pression on you ?
– Definitely not. It was actually a chance to have a much more involved relationship with a director than I’d had up to that point. It was an opportunity to really collaborate from the point the first words were on the page to the last stages of the edit. Plus there was already a level of trust between us so if anything it took the pressure off. It was ok to fail in an environment where I felt safe.
Luke Massey and Joseph Morgan on the set of Warhouse
– There is such a heavy and uncomfortable atmosphere in the movie, and you play almost all the scenes alone: how do you get prepared to play such a complicated character ?
– A lot of my prep was done with military advisor/producer Billy Budd. He gave me a real insight into what it was actually like to be a royal marine, from the correct way to break in your beret to the right way to swear. Luke was also very open to rehearsal which is a great luxury when working in film. To properly show the weight of the isolation I had to draw on some pretty dark life experiences, also being on screen almost the whole time meant I had little to no sleep. That keeps you pretty emotionally strung out.
– Is there a little bit of you in A.J. ?
– Of course. You have to draw on the parts of you that relate to the character. However different he may be, you strive to find that connection.
– What is the feature that you like the most and the one you dislike about the character you play in “Warhouse” ?
– What I liked the most about playing A J Budd was the journey. To play a character spanning over a couple of years gave me a real chance to finish him in a completely different place to where he started. Riding his emotional roller coaster through confusion, despair, madness and hope (just to name a few) was exhausting but ultimately one of the most rewarding acting experiences of my career to date. I’m not sure that I disliked anything about him. Even though I was shooting ‘Warhouse’ for a relatively short amount of time I really grew to understand A J and to sympathise with him. I’m on his side so I find it hard to dislike any aspect of him because I understand where he’s coming from.
Joseph Morgan and Matt Ryan on the set of Warhouse
– Any funny memory from the set ?
– Many funny memories. In particular, being covered in green blood, which is largely made of syrup, and realising all too late that the house had at least one wasps nest on the grounds. Picture me in full costume running round the house screaming being chased by a cloud of wasps. That was pretty funny. Not for me, but Luke found it very amusing!
– After the “indoor” movie, you switched to an “outdoor” movie with the same team and shot “500 Miles North”. Can you tell us a little bit more about it ?
– ‘500 Miles North’ is the story of two estranged brothers who journey to Scotland together to scatter their father’s ashes in a loch in accordance with his dying wish. Along the way they have to complete a series of tasks in order to be eligible for their inheritance. Great fun to shoot and from what I’ve seen a very funny and yet moving film. Very much looking forward to seeing this.
– What’s the difference between working on a TV show and a movie ? What do you prefer ?
– The difference is mainly the timing. On TV you know each episode has to be a certain length so if you say your lines slowly they’ll cut away from you to speed things up. It sounds superficial but it’s a fact. In film the director has far more control so it can be a more rewarding process depending on the director. I love both, variety keeps things interesting.
– You’re back from Hungary where you shot “Open Grave”. What are your projects after this movie ?
– I think it’s no secret that I’m back on Season 4 of the « Vampire Diaries », this takes me up until April 2013. I’m also in the final stages of post production for ‘Revelation’ a short film I directed starring Persia White. Luke was Director of Photography on this. We have about three weeks left of post production before we put it out to festivals. It’s a real project of passion for me, very proud of it.
Joseph Morgan in "Opengrave"
– We haven’t see you play a comedy yet, is this something you’re looking forward ?
– My role in ‘500 Miles North’ is probably my most comedic role to date but yes, I am interested in doing something a little more light hearted at some point.
– You support the “Positive Woman” charity, which is very important to you. Did you expect all this support from your fans ?
– Never. The fans have been so incredibly supportive. The money we have raised will make a huge difference in Swaziland. I’m so proud of them all, and so humbled by the way they have taken this cause on as their own.
– Last question : have you ever been to Italy ?

– I went to a wedding in Sorrento about 5 years ago and found it to be quite beautiful.


This interview will also be featured on Fantasy Events and Joseph Morgan Fans Italia.

If you want to know more about the Warhouse Team, have a look at the Warhouse Film website, Benjamin Read’s website or Improper Books and Luke Massey’s website.

Follow the guys on Twitter : Luke Massey, Benjamin Read, Joseph Morgan, Leon Davies and Warhouse Film.

Behind-the-scenes photos by Matt Rawlinson.

Conversation with Emrhys Cooper

Once upon a time, little Emrhys had the dream of being on stage. There must have been quite a few fairies around his cradle to bless him, because his wish is becoming reality… The charming and multi-talented Brit crossed the ocean a few years ago to put his name in the Hollywood spotlight (his name means Merlin in Welsh). Already awarded as « Best Performer as a Lead Actor » and « Broadwayworld Person to Watch », he’s definitely someone you should remember. So. Be aware that there is a wizard in L.A. and his name is Emrhys.

– Emrhys, what was your artistic background before hitting the West End stage in London ?
– I trained professional at the Central School of Ballet and then Laine Theatre Arts. I graduated in 2004 and went straight into the national tour of « Fame The Musical ».

– Any memory of your first steps on stage as a kid ? Did you know at this time that “being an artist” would be your job ?
– I used to put on shows for all my family, from as young as I can remember. I also would charge them to watch me, I guess I was a little cheeky even back then ! I have always known that my true passion was performing, I’ve never had a doubt in my mind this is what I wanted to do.

– Any chance to see you back on a London stage one day ?
– Yes, I would love to go back for a show/play at some point. I love theatre and I love London. Plus, I would be closer to home.

– Would performing in Broadway be the ultimate dream for a musical artist ?
– I think Broadway has always had a magical energy for me, and I hope to one day grace the New York stage.

– Living the American dream since a few years, did Los Angeles finally come up with your expectations ?
– Yes, I have always dreamed of living here, so now I guess I am living the dream. It has exceeded my expectations and more ! I am very happy and grateful to live here, it has been a long journey getting here, with many bumps along the way.

– You’re an incredible multitasking performer : singer, dancer, actor, choreographer… But how did you end up modelling ? And be honest, is there anything you’re not good at ?
– (Laughs) Thanks ! I guess I do a lot of things, right ? But I truly love doing all of them. I grew up dancing and singing, so it was never a choice just to do one thing. I worked a lot as a dancer, but honestly it’s a very hard life, with not much of a reward. I want to touch a larger audience and I think acting is where I will achieve that. Modeling is something I fell into, I enjoyed it, but I didn’t feel it really pushed me mentally as much as I wanted.

– You like comedy and took part of the Toscars competition these last years. A funny way to express your creativity, isn’t it ?
– I absolutely love doing comedy. Nothing beats making people laugh ! The Toscars is such a fun thing to be part of and I’ve been very lucky to make some wonderful friends from it. I am looking forward to the next one.

– Who were your influences and models ?
– I guess when I was younger I grew up watching the greats such as Marlon Brando, Paul Newman, James Dean and Clark Gable. Leonardo Di Caprio is now someone I really aspire to be like…

– If someone would tell you “Emrhys, I have the script of your dreams”, what would it be ?
– I think it would be a musical movie in which I would get to show off some of the things people haven’t seen me do.

– What do you enjoy the most or find the most challenging : TV, movie, musical… ?
– I think being in a musical is pretty challenging, to stay fresh as most contracts are a minimum of one year. So, doing the same thing day in, day out, can be tough.

– You run a production company named « Dream It » and already produced a few projects (“Walk a mile in my Pradas”, “Entertaining Mr Sloane”, “This way to your virtual lobotomy”). What kind of other projects are about to see the light or would you like to develope ?
– I have a couple of movie scripts in the works that I am very passionate about. I guess it comes down to taste and what turns me on creatively. I also hope to produce more theatre, when I find the time !

Emrhys Cooper in "Entertaining Mr Sloane"

– You were recently shooting in the TV show “Touch” as a guest star. Are you allowed to tell us more about it ?
– I can’t talk about my episode too much, but I can tell you I play a sharp tongued British publicist. It was a great show to work on.

– The competition seems to be very hard to get a role on a US TV show…
– Yes, it definitely is. But you gotta keep at it, as once in a while an amazing opportunity will be yours.

« Walk a mile in my Pradas » – « CSI:NY » – « Desperate Houswives »

– What advice could you give to young aspiring actors ?
– Stick at it, don’t give up. And work hard and stay positive. Enjoy the journey, not the end result. There are lots of different ways of measuring success. I measure it on how happy and fulfilled I feel. And right now I feel very happy and fulfilled !

– How do you see your career in a few years ? Would you like to direct one day ?
– I would love to become a regular on a great TV show, and I hope to find some more interesting movie roles. I would love to direct one day, but not for a while. I am enjoying where I am at now.

You can have more info on his official website Emrhys Cooper , like him on Facebook or follow him on Twitter.

He’ll be guest-starring in Season 2 of « Touch », but in the meantime you can see him co-hosting a new webshow called « Trend this TV« .