Soundtrack : « The Grave Yard Birds » featured in « Dead before Dawn »

It’s Zemon time again ! Fans have been requesting many times to know more about who’s behind the closing credit song of « Dead before Dawn« . Here comes another local product from Niagara Falls… Let’s meet Frank Pietrangelo, singing Zemon of « The Grave Yard Birds » aka « The Madhatters« .

The Grave Yard Birds-Dead Before Dawn videoclip (27)

– Frank, could you introduce the Mad Hatters for the people who do not know you ?

The Madhatters are a cover band out of Niagara Falls, Ontario. We have been performing as a band together for just under 15 years since we were in high school. We have worked in other original side projects over the years such as ‘Hearts & Sounds‘ but ‘The Madhatters‘ has always remained a constant. We are lucky enough to be full-time working musicians as we perform regularly 3-4 times a week in the Niagara Region and Southern Ontario.

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– How did you get involded in « Dead before Dawn » ?

We got involved in ‘Dead Before Dawn‘ through my lifelong friendship with April Mullen. April is one of my oldest friends. We have been friends since elementary school and have both pursued our dreams, her in filmmaking and myself in music.

– You already wrote a couple of songs for April & Tim’s first movie « The Way of the Tosser »…

I had worked with her in ‘Rock, Paper Scissors‘ before as she contacted me to use some of my original music in the movie.

The Grave Yard Birds-Dead Before Dawn videoclip (18)

– The « Dead before Dawn » song fits perfectly to the movie. How is the writing process for a movie title ? Do you need to work with the script or do you just need a few elements and use your imagination ?

When they were filming ‘Dead Before Dawn‘, she contacted me again about writing a specific type of song for the movie. This process was a little different than ‘The Tosser‘ because, with the first movie, she used some of my already-written material.

With this project we were constructing new material to fit the film. I collaborated with two other great writers and friends (Paul Gigliotti and Chris Turpin) and we followed the guidelines that April and Tim provided to create the song that you hear now.

She gave us a few lyrical ideas and specific instruments and sounds that they wanted to be included in the track. This process was so much fun as it allowed us to put our own spin on the plot without having read the script or seen the movie yet. I can speak for the other two when I say we had so much building this track.

Writing for a movie is much different than writing personal material. You have to put yourself in different situations and take all kinds of different things into consideration. I would say it’s a little more challenging.

The Grave Yard Birds-Dead Before Dawn videoclip (35)

– How was the outdoor screening in Niagara Falls where you performed « Dead before Dawn » for the first time ?

The outdoor screening in Niagara Falls was fantastic ! We had a great turnout and we were able to perform the song live for the first time in front of a great crowd. It was also the first time we were able to see the whole movie and the music video that we filmed for the song in September 2012. It was an amazing experience.

The Grave Yard Birds-Dead Before Dawn videoclip (45)

– What’s your favourite moment in the movie ?

I know my opinion may be a little bias, but my favourite part is towards the end when the main characters are having an intimate moment and all of a sudden our song comes on and the zemons begin to chase them ! Very cool to see the song incorporated that way !

The Grave Yard Birds-Dead Before Dawn videoclip (57)

– Where can we get the « Dead before Dawn » song ?

The song is available for download on iTunes Canada and US under the name « Dead Before Dawn – The Grave Yard Birds« 

You all know what you have to do now ! You can follow the band through their website The Madhatters and on Facebook.

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