Convention : FantasyEvents will bring the stars to Italy !

Hello Vampires & Hybrids,

FantasyEvents wants to wish you a fang-tastic year 2014 ! We remind you that the “Love & Blood ItaCon 2.0” is on the way and it’s not too late to become part of our FEmily.

A few weeks after the end of the successful edition of our first Convention dedicated to « The Vampire Diaries« , our Team was already busy preparing the Love & Blood ItaCon 2.0.

LB Itacon 2.0

Our first edition has been voted “2013 Best European Convention” thanks to our faithful fans. Not just a convention, it was fun, laughs and tears of joy for everyone involved. A moving and intense 3 days experience which filled 1500 hearts like one. Guests and fans, together like friends. People who knew each other because of a year of virtual meetings and sometimes in person.

No other Convention before made so much for the fans, live entertainment on stage, translators, surprises like the Canvas Warriors‘ team who did their very first fashion show.

FantasyEvents will bring the stars to Italy !

Rising star Jamie Christlow

Back on popular demand, the British gentleman Jamie Christlow will have the pleasure to join us again.

Jamie Christlow

London based actor, Jamie played the part of the class clown to lead roles in school performances. He moved away from acting to pursue alternatives career opportunities, until the time that he was discovered as a lookalike for Ian Somerhalder. He has appeared in numerous conventions worldwide so far. Jamie’s recent work has included the filming of three short films : you can currently watch him in “The ABC of Death”.

Nathaniel Buzolic : the Original one

Nate Buzz

Native from the land Down Under, Nathaniel Buzolic grew up in Sydney and began his career as a TV moderator in Australia. Then, he got a recurring role in the BBC TV show “Out of Blue” before landing in “The Vampire Diaries”, playing Original Kol Mikaelson – Klaus’ youngest brother who tried to kill Jeremy Gilbert.

His character’s death in the show leaded to several petitions to get him back.

Keep a eye on a certain show called “Pretty Little Liars” as he’ll be guest starring in the next season !

Steven R. McQueen will do his very first Italian appearance at the LB ItaCon 2.0 !

Steven R McQueen

Steven is best known for his role as Jeremy Gilbert in The CW show « The Vampire Diaries » and his recurring role as Kyle Hunter in the show « Everwood« .

The American actor made his acting debut appearing in an episode of the short lived Sci-Fi serie « Threshold« . He has since made guest appearances on television shows such as « Without a Trace« , « CSI: Miami » and « Numb3rs« .

Vampire Diaries memorabilias

Canvas Warriors is the creative combination of the teamwork of Sandira Reddy & Afshin Salehzahi.

It has become the go-to place for celebrities and Con-addicted to get their original and unique pair of custom hand painted Converse shoes, jewellery & hoodies. The Team are also working with the IS Foundation & The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society to make our Earth a better place.

Canvas Warriors

Paul Wesley as Stefan the Ripper

Paul Wesley first landed in the soap “Guiding Light” as Max Nickerson. He made guest appearances on TV shows such as “24”, “Smallville”,” The O.C.”, “Everwood”, and “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”.

Paul Wesley

He has been seen on the big screen in the movies “Cloud 9”, “Fallen”, and “Killer Movie”.

Paul is best known for his role as Stefan Salvatore in “The Vampire Diaries” since 2009. He actually auditioned for both the roles of Damon and Stefan.

It seems he is drawn to supernatural roles as he has played a vampire, a werewolf (“Wolf Lake”) and a fallen angel (“Fallen”) !

Matt Davis, the Human exception

Matt Davis

Matt Davis is known for co-starring opposite Reese Witherspoon and Selma Blair in the comedy « Legally Blonde » but also in « Blue Crush », « Tigerland » and « BloodRayne« .

From 2009 to 2013, Davis starred in the CW series « The Vampire Diaries », playing the history teacher Alaric Saltsman followed by « Cult » and his recurring role in the CBS « CSI: Crime Scene Investigation ».

Party time rhymes with DJ Prophet

DJ Prophet

Los Angeles based DJ Prophet books over 250 performances a year across the US and the glob, from night clubs to private events. He’s coming back to Italy to entertain our evenings til late !

You can also hear him on the LA Original Hip Hop Station 93.5fm KDAY and watch him live streaming as a host on on Mondays from 2.00-3.00 pm (PST) on “The Best Buds Show”.

DJ Prophet has been featured in numerous television commercials and he has performed with LMFAO, Too Short and Busta Rhymes. His motto : DO IT !

Don’t be shy : book your Pass, your Extras and your hotel room through our website. For more info, join our Facebook page !

Love&Blood ItaCon 2.0™ will be held  in the Ergife Hotel Rome Italy from 2014 May 3oth, to 1st of June. Our event is Unofficial fan convention dedicated to the Vampire Diaries series, and it is in no way affiliated or supported by CW. All rights are of original owners.

DISCLAIMER : All guests are subject to cancellation for work and that does not hold the event conditions. Guests can be one or more days of the event.


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