Conversation with Ellen Dubin

The multi-talented Ellen Dubin comes back on our TV screen in a supernatural TV show called « The Collector ». This Canadian supernatural drama show is about a man trying to help save people who have bargained their souls with the Devil. The show originally aired in June 2004 on Space Channel. The sci fi queen and Gemini nominated actress gives us some clues about her character in the show…
Ellen Dubin in The Collector (3)        .
– Can you tell us a little bit more about your character, Jeri Slate ?

– Jeri Slate is a passionate intense journalist who will stop at nothing to get to the truth of a story. Her relentless pursuit of that story can get her into real trouble. She is also a single mother of an autistic boy who may be the son of the devil. The great gem about playing Jeri, is I get to show my ballsy aggressive side as the newspaper journalist but my softer more vulnerable side when dealing with my son Gabriel ( played by Aidan Drummond). I loved the multi-dimensional layers of this character. I also loved the fact that I dealt  with very real issues that a mother would deal with, even in a supernatural drama.

– How difficult is it to play a character who is a single Mum with an autist son ? How could you communicate on screen ?

– First of all, to play opposite that wonderful little boy Aidan is a pleasure. So there was absolutely no problem having that natural chemistry with him as a son – a joy to work with. Second of all, I just wanted to convey the proper way to deal with autism on screen, so I did a lot of research and spoke to mothers who deal with this on a daily basis and basically the consensus was : don’t treat him any differently. Also, Aidan is not autistic.  It’s funny when I was with him on set (and we spent a lot of time together), I felt very protective of him and so it ended up that, that maternal instinct read very well on camera. We had a very special bond. 

Ellen Dubin in The Collector (4)

– How is the relationship between you & Gabriel and between you & the Collector evolving ?

– That is a wonderful question and you will just have to stay tuned to find out ! Let’s put it this way : Jeri Slate wants to know a lot about Morgan Pym ( played by Chris Kramer) and things can heat up and in relationship to Gabriel, you will find out more about who his father really is…

– The role of Jeri Slate gave you a Gemini nomination, how does it affect your career ?

– As an actor who has paid her dues and worked so diligently and hard in this business, to be honored for my work was a dream come true. It is amazing to be recognized for your acting by your peers – which to me is the most rewarding way to get nominated. It hasn’t affected my career that much, but it never hurts to be acknowledged. I am very proud of my work on « The Collector ».  

-The show was unfortunately cancelled after 3 successful seasons. What happened ?
I am really not sure what happened but I think the producers believed that the show and the story lines had run their course and to bow out gracefully before it got too repetitive. So kudos to them for knowing when to end the show. Better to finish on a high point. I do miss the show though. 
– It’s a Devil of a job to reap souls for Satan… Do you actually believe in that supernatural dark side ?
I believe that people have a darker evil side. What they choose to do with that side is entirely up to them. I hope people don’t act on that base nature but sadly there are many stories in the news which show the opposite. I also think that there are forces out there, that can’t be explained. But I like to believe still that people are basically good at heart.
Ellen Dubin in The Collector (2)


– How did you put a foot in the sci fi and supernatural world ?

– My first job as an actor was the wild, wacky and wonderful series « LEXX » which I did for four seasons playing Giggerota the Wicked, the cannibal. I am so grateful to Paul Donovan for hiring me for that show. It was the start of my sci fi career and the beginning of getting my feet wet in this world of the greatest most loyal fans. For that I am eternally grateful ! Love playing in this genre.

– Do you have time to follow any TV shows ? In which show would you like to star in ?

– I watch a wide variety of programs from comedy to drama, from sci fi to reality shows. I would love to be on « True Blood », « Law and Order », The Following », « Sleepy Hollow », « Once Upon A Time », « Game of Thrones », « Reign ». There are so many great shows out there right now ! And maybe a new one out there to star in…

Make sure to catch Ellen on Chiller TV in The Collector every Monday evening at 8pm EST.
If you want to know more about Ellen Dubin, please visit her website, Facebook profile, Facebook page, Twitter and IMdb !
Photo credit : courtesy of Ellen Dubin

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