Convention : Mark Lutz & J. August Richards at the Slayer ItaCon

Dear Vampire Slayers,

We’re thrilled to welcome a new guest to our Slayer ItaCon In Firenze from 2nd-4th August, 2013 !

Mark Lutz aka the Groosalugg in “Angel” will be with us. The Canadian born actor is well-known for his character from an otherworldly dimension, part human, part demon all through season 3 of the TV show.

Check out his lovely video !

He guest starred in many TV shows like “Nikita”, “Sydney Fox”, “Queer as Folk”, “Mutant X”, “Friends” and more recently in “Flashpoint” and “Ghost Whisperer “.

Hockey freak, Mark is also an accomplished athlete : he swam competitively from primary school all the way through university. His swimming career was highlighted by setting Canadian National records, Ontario High School records and swimming internationally including World Cups and Olympic Trials. His passion led him to the main role in“Victor” for CBC.

Mark Lutz-Slayer ItaCon 2013

To celebrate the event, we’re having a “special offer”. The first 50 people to book a photo op with 3 of our guests will get a James Marsters photo-op for free ! Don’t miss that chance !

Mark Lutz will join another popular « Angel » actor : J. August Richards !

Born in Washington, J. August discovered his love for acting at an early age and enrolled in a performing arts high school where he appeared in several plays a year.

He first won recognition and rave reviews for his role in the Mark Taper Forum production of “Space”. Richards also received accolades for his performance in the Old Globe Theatre’s production “Lobby Hero”.

J. August Richards became popular starring in the Joss Whedon hit series Angel. He was introduced to the fans during the first season as the street vampire hunter Charles Gunn.

J August Richard-Slayer ItaCon 2013

On the big screen, Richards appeared in the feature films “Why do fools fall in love”, “Good Burger”, and “Paved with good intentions”. He also starred in TV movies like “Critical Assembly”, “The Temptations” and “Mutiny”. Recently, he wrote and directed the buzz-worthy short film “Privacy Policy”, as well as the Web series “The Hypnotist”.

In his free time, Richards enjoys doing volunteer work for homeless organizations in downtown Los Angeles.

We remind you that James Marsters and Nicholas Brendon will also be part of our Slayer ItaCon 2013, you can watch the message that Nicholas left for us !

Check out our website for more news (FantasyEvents) or join us on Facebook (Slayer ItaCon) to get all the latest news.

Whoever has a crossbow is welcome to join us, book your pass on Eventbrite !


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