Conversation with Marcus Foster

Blast from the past… This interview was originally posted on Marcus Foster France on May 9th, 2010.

Paris. April 3rd, 2010. Sitting on stage, one hour before his very first gig in Paris, Marcus Foster is pretty nervous but always funny. He’s giving his French fans some exclusive info about his new projects, writing, Paris and more. A rare moment.


“There will be new songs”

– First question about your album : how is your recording going ?

– Yeah, it’s good, we’re starting on Tuesday next week, we’ve done all the rehearsing. We’re recording and it’s gonna come out in the summer. And then, we’re gonna do an album in June/July.

– Will it be the same as for the E.P., with a “live band” ?

– Yeah, it’s gonna be kind of like an E.P. with a live band, it’s gonna be out in the summer, so it’ll kind of a test… a taste ! So, I’m really looking for that, hopefully it’s gonna be good, about four/five songs.

– Any new song on the album that we have never heard before ?

– Yeah, there’s a few, yeah. Now I’m finishing writing songs. There will be probably about four/five songs that no one’s heard before on the album. So, I just keep renewing stuff… There’s a couple of new songs on the E.P.

“Accordeon is like playing piano upside down a tree”

– I had a few questions from fans about your artistic talents… Beside guitar, is there any other instruments that you would be interested in learning to play ? I know you play a lot of different instruments…

– Yeah… Trumpet is something I’m finding hard to play, but yes, trumpet, trombone. And accordion actually, it’s like playing piano upside down in a tree.

– You have other talents as being a musician, like sculpture, will we one day see your work somewhere ?

– Yeah, maybe when I graduate I’ll do a website with my work. Maybe one day, I’ll make a book.

– Any exposition ? A gallery ?

– I’m sure there’s gonna be a lot of things coming up once I got my big degree. I just want to be touring aside.

“I’d like to do film scores and stuff like that”

– About writing songs, how do you write songs. What comes first, lyrics or chords ?

– Both… Well, no.. Mainly lyrics.

– What inspires you the most to write a song ?

– Time (laughs)… I don’t know. Anything. Everything. Nothing.

– Would you like to write for someone else ? Have you ever been asked ?

– Yes, I was asked to do a couple of things recently. I was asked to maybe write a song for a film that is coming out, but I was too busy to complete it in time which is annoying, because it’s gonna be a big film, which is a drag… But I’d like to do film scores and stuff like that, it’s quite fun.

– Which artist would you like to sing with ? Could be dead or alive…

– Edith Piaf (smiling).

– She’s dead !

– I’d like to sing with her now. Do you know where she’s buried ?

– Yes.

– Is she buried where Jim Morrison is buried ?

– Yes.

– Really ? Oh cool…

– Same cemetery.

– Maybe I’ll go there and sing with her…

“I would like to play on the moon”

– About being on tour, what is the best thing being on tour ? And the worse ?

– I just love travelling, it’s like… same places, same strange stuff. I don’t know, it’s kind of tiring cause the last tour I did, it was a two-hours sleep a day or so.

– The US tour ?

– Yeah. And Canada as well, so… I’m looking forward to going back in a few months.

– And what would be your dream venue ?

– The moon…

– The moon ?!

– Yes, I would like to play on the moon. First gig on the moon. No, there’s a Dylan film in the Sixties called “Don’t look back”. Is it “Don’t look back” ?…

– “Don’t look back in anger ?” (laughs)

– No, no, that’s Oasis (laughs). My Dad showed me that film and I was very young and I’ve always dreamed of selling out the “Royal Albert Hall”. That’d be quite cool.

– Fans are asking you tons of questions, but is anything you’d like to know about the fans ? It’s a fan question !

(smiling) I just hope they’re doing well, hope they’re happy, hope they working !

– Is there any difference between US fans and European fans ?

– Well, I’m only just starting to do Europe, like once I released my E.P. in July or June, I’ll probably do a European Tour, so I’ll be able to answer that a bit. They’re very kind. This is my first show tonight in Paris so I’m looking forward to that.

“I like the art galleries in Paris”

– Have you ever been to Paris before ? I know… “yes” !

– I’ve been several times… I’ve been about ten times maybe, something like that.

– What’s your favourite place ?

– Oh, Jesus…. I don’t know. The « Palais de Tokyo » is quite cool. There are galleries and kids doing street dancing, it’s quite fun. I like going to the arts galleries. What’s the gallery we went to … ? There is an art gallery we went earlier, it was amazing… Really nice.

– Last question : do you sometimes listen to French artists ?

– Oh yes, all the time ! (smiling)

– Beside Edith Piaf…

– I’ve heard some good things about the new Charlotte Gainsbourg, it sounds cool !

– Yes, it’s a good album !

– And her father’s stuff is great. I’d like to hear more.

Check out the photo gallery of the interview and the show.

You can also have a glimpse of the soundcheck in Paris and watch the full show :


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