Convention : Love & Blood ItaCon 2013

Hello Vampires !

The FantasyEvents staff is thrilled to announce its first guest for the “Love & Blood ItaCon”.

Meet him in Perugia from May 31 – June 02, 2013 among other guests who will be announced very soon…

Vampires and hybrids, please welcome the one and only IAN SOMERHALDER !

Former model in his childhood, Ian Somerhalder has always been attracted to a stage.

He started guest-starring in a few series and movies before making his TV break-through in “Smallville” playing Adam Knight. Then, he landed in Hawaii on the set of “Lost”. His character Boose Carlyle had a memorable and heart-breaking end in the show.

But playing one of the leading role in “The Vampire Diaries” as Damon Salvatore since 2009 definitely changed his life on screen and off screen. His dark vampire character has become one of the most popular on TV. Team Damon all the way !

 This handsome blue-eyed man from beautiful Louisiana, grew up loving the countryside that logically leaded him to create the “Ian Somerhalder Foundation”. He has become an active supporter of wildlife and environmental conservation.

Beside him, the Hindi sisters – Hanna and Hilly – from the Hillywood Show will be back in Italy – by popular demand. They will host our big Karaoke evening on May, 31st !

Check out their vamp-tastic parody of “The Vampire Diaries” ( more videos on their website )

As hundred of passes have already been sold in advance, don’t miss your chance to get one of them and meet some of the TVD cast for their first visit in Italy, all the info on our WEBSITE !


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