South-African Horrorfest : « Warhouse » first screening

Rising from the doctor’s slab for its 8th blood curdling year, Africa’s most prestigious Halloween festival is set to deliver another all-encompassing event unlike any other.

This exciting festival embraces all aspects of Horror/Chiller entertainment, its serious and lighter sides. This year the theme is Frankenstein ! (with several related movies).

Another stunner of an event poster was created with Dr-Benway, feat. event co-organizer & poster-girl, Sonja.

We’re excited to announce that this year we’ll kick off a Johannesburg leg of the festival with a selection of movies from across the HorrorFest’s 8 year existence (at The Bioscope).

Expect 27 movie screenings, incl. feature films (3 locally produced), documentaries & short films from around the world,with most making their S.A. premiere, sneak previews of Frankenweenie & The Possession and an audience participation screening of the legendary Rocky Horror Picture Show.

The Makabra Ensemble will breathe new life into the classic silent vampire film Nosferatu with their live soundtrack performance, while the Bloody Parchment chapter focuses on Horror in literature.

Besides the short film- & short story competitions, Halloween dress-up, prizes and give-aways, expect the alternative market, link up with the Cape Town Zombie Walk, a Halloween club party + more.

This year HorrorFest tickets can be booked on-line via

The event is also affiliated with the Phoenix FearCon, with cross-promo.

Warhouse will have its screening on Oct. 26th :


Friday 26 October : 6:15pm in Cape Town

Book your ticket HERE !

A man dressed in formal military uniform awakes in a house, unsure of what he’s doing there. After he is attacked by a creature, he realizes he is trapped with no way out… How long has he been there, and is there an escape?

Stars Joseph Morgan from the popular Vampire Diaries series, and Matt Ryan.

More info on the South African Horrorfest website.


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