Conversation with Joseph Morgan

Here is an exclusive interview with Joseph Morgan ! If you’re « Team Klaus » in the « Vampire Diaries », you should definitely have a look at this actor who loves to work on mysterious projects with his friends Luke Massey and Benjamin Read… Here is the second part of our « Warhouse » saga with Joseph, who plays the lead character in the movie. You can catch up the first part of our interview at the Festival de Cannes with Luke Massey & Benjamin Read  HERE.

– Becoming an actor is usually a childhood dream… What was your first attempt as an actor ever ?
– When I was very young, maybe five, my grandparents on my mothers side took me to see a production of Peter Pan. On the way home in the taxi I was very quiet, so much so that they were worried I hadn’t enjoyed myself. When they asked what was wrong I said I was trying to work out how to make the hook for my hand. I was planning to recreate the entire production for my parents when we got home. One coat hanger later I was ready to go. That’s the first attempt I can remember, but we always kept a dressing up box in my house and I was always into making up characters.
– Ben & Luke wrote the role of A.J. Budd for you. It’s a longtime friendship between you and them, did that put more pression on you ?
– Definitely not. It was actually a chance to have a much more involved relationship with a director than I’d had up to that point. It was an opportunity to really collaborate from the point the first words were on the page to the last stages of the edit. Plus there was already a level of trust between us so if anything it took the pressure off. It was ok to fail in an environment where I felt safe.
Luke Massey and Joseph Morgan on the set of Warhouse
– There is such a heavy and uncomfortable atmosphere in the movie, and you play almost all the scenes alone: how do you get prepared to play such a complicated character ?
– A lot of my prep was done with military advisor/producer Billy Budd. He gave me a real insight into what it was actually like to be a royal marine, from the correct way to break in your beret to the right way to swear. Luke was also very open to rehearsal which is a great luxury when working in film. To properly show the weight of the isolation I had to draw on some pretty dark life experiences, also being on screen almost the whole time meant I had little to no sleep. That keeps you pretty emotionally strung out.
– Is there a little bit of you in A.J. ?
– Of course. You have to draw on the parts of you that relate to the character. However different he may be, you strive to find that connection.
– What is the feature that you like the most and the one you dislike about the character you play in “Warhouse” ?
– What I liked the most about playing A J Budd was the journey. To play a character spanning over a couple of years gave me a real chance to finish him in a completely different place to where he started. Riding his emotional roller coaster through confusion, despair, madness and hope (just to name a few) was exhausting but ultimately one of the most rewarding acting experiences of my career to date. I’m not sure that I disliked anything about him. Even though I was shooting ‘Warhouse’ for a relatively short amount of time I really grew to understand A J and to sympathise with him. I’m on his side so I find it hard to dislike any aspect of him because I understand where he’s coming from.
Joseph Morgan and Matt Ryan on the set of Warhouse
– Any funny memory from the set ?
– Many funny memories. In particular, being covered in green blood, which is largely made of syrup, and realising all too late that the house had at least one wasps nest on the grounds. Picture me in full costume running round the house screaming being chased by a cloud of wasps. That was pretty funny. Not for me, but Luke found it very amusing!
– After the “indoor” movie, you switched to an “outdoor” movie with the same team and shot “500 Miles North”. Can you tell us a little bit more about it ?
– ‘500 Miles North’ is the story of two estranged brothers who journey to Scotland together to scatter their father’s ashes in a loch in accordance with his dying wish. Along the way they have to complete a series of tasks in order to be eligible for their inheritance. Great fun to shoot and from what I’ve seen a very funny and yet moving film. Very much looking forward to seeing this.
– What’s the difference between working on a TV show and a movie ? What do you prefer ?
– The difference is mainly the timing. On TV you know each episode has to be a certain length so if you say your lines slowly they’ll cut away from you to speed things up. It sounds superficial but it’s a fact. In film the director has far more control so it can be a more rewarding process depending on the director. I love both, variety keeps things interesting.
– You’re back from Hungary where you shot “Open Grave”. What are your projects after this movie ?
– I think it’s no secret that I’m back on Season 4 of the « Vampire Diaries », this takes me up until April 2013. I’m also in the final stages of post production for ‘Revelation’ a short film I directed starring Persia White. Luke was Director of Photography on this. We have about three weeks left of post production before we put it out to festivals. It’s a real project of passion for me, very proud of it.
Joseph Morgan in "Opengrave"
– We haven’t see you play a comedy yet, is this something you’re looking forward ?
– My role in ‘500 Miles North’ is probably my most comedic role to date but yes, I am interested in doing something a little more light hearted at some point.
– You support the “Positive Woman” charity, which is very important to you. Did you expect all this support from your fans ?
– Never. The fans have been so incredibly supportive. The money we have raised will make a huge difference in Swaziland. I’m so proud of them all, and so humbled by the way they have taken this cause on as their own.
– Last question : have you ever been to Italy ?

– I went to a wedding in Sorrento about 5 years ago and found it to be quite beautiful.


This interview will also be featured on Fantasy Events and Joseph Morgan Fans Italia.

If you want to know more about the Warhouse Team, have a look at the Warhouse Film website, Benjamin Read’s website or Improper Books and Luke Massey’s website.

Follow the guys on Twitter : Luke Massey, Benjamin Read, Joseph Morgan, Leon Davies and Warhouse Film.

Behind-the-scenes photos by Matt Rawlinson.


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  5. Lire l’Aimé Joseph Morgan interview … J’etais très curieux de connaitre les Projets DANS fils et travail Maintenant je sais qu’il est Couleur Tout DANS impliquant des cellules M’a Rendu très heureux. Je suis très heureux d’être en Mesure verras bien regarder non de l’Projets anormales. J’espere qu’ils SONT ICI Affiches, ou au Brésil en ligne sur le site officiel du film le. Félicitations verser your Entrevue. Étaient très les questions simples éclaireur et non with accent sur ​​le travail de l’artiste. J’espere lires au pair ainsi que d’interviews de sujet Les fils DANS Succes their Projets. Une accolade du Brésil, Rio de Janeiro Directement.

    Eliane C Smith
    Brésil Rio de Janeiro

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