Conversation with Emrhys Cooper

Once upon a time, little Emrhys had the dream of being on stage. There must have been quite a few fairies around his cradle to bless him, because his wish is becoming reality… The charming and multi-talented Brit crossed the ocean a few years ago to put his name in the Hollywood spotlight (his name means Merlin in Welsh). Already awarded as « Best Performer as a Lead Actor » and « Broadwayworld Person to Watch », he’s definitely someone you should remember. So. Be aware that there is a wizard in L.A. and his name is Emrhys.

– Emrhys, what was your artistic background before hitting the West End stage in London ?
– I trained professional at the Central School of Ballet and then Laine Theatre Arts. I graduated in 2004 and went straight into the national tour of « Fame The Musical ».

– Any memory of your first steps on stage as a kid ? Did you know at this time that “being an artist” would be your job ?
– I used to put on shows for all my family, from as young as I can remember. I also would charge them to watch me, I guess I was a little cheeky even back then ! I have always known that my true passion was performing, I’ve never had a doubt in my mind this is what I wanted to do.

– Any chance to see you back on a London stage one day ?
– Yes, I would love to go back for a show/play at some point. I love theatre and I love London. Plus, I would be closer to home.

– Would performing in Broadway be the ultimate dream for a musical artist ?
– I think Broadway has always had a magical energy for me, and I hope to one day grace the New York stage.

– Living the American dream since a few years, did Los Angeles finally come up with your expectations ?
– Yes, I have always dreamed of living here, so now I guess I am living the dream. It has exceeded my expectations and more ! I am very happy and grateful to live here, it has been a long journey getting here, with many bumps along the way.

– You’re an incredible multitasking performer : singer, dancer, actor, choreographer… But how did you end up modelling ? And be honest, is there anything you’re not good at ?
– (Laughs) Thanks ! I guess I do a lot of things, right ? But I truly love doing all of them. I grew up dancing and singing, so it was never a choice just to do one thing. I worked a lot as a dancer, but honestly it’s a very hard life, with not much of a reward. I want to touch a larger audience and I think acting is where I will achieve that. Modeling is something I fell into, I enjoyed it, but I didn’t feel it really pushed me mentally as much as I wanted.

– You like comedy and took part of the Toscars competition these last years. A funny way to express your creativity, isn’t it ?
– I absolutely love doing comedy. Nothing beats making people laugh ! The Toscars is such a fun thing to be part of and I’ve been very lucky to make some wonderful friends from it. I am looking forward to the next one.

– Who were your influences and models ?
– I guess when I was younger I grew up watching the greats such as Marlon Brando, Paul Newman, James Dean and Clark Gable. Leonardo Di Caprio is now someone I really aspire to be like…

– If someone would tell you “Emrhys, I have the script of your dreams”, what would it be ?
– I think it would be a musical movie in which I would get to show off some of the things people haven’t seen me do.

– What do you enjoy the most or find the most challenging : TV, movie, musical… ?
– I think being in a musical is pretty challenging, to stay fresh as most contracts are a minimum of one year. So, doing the same thing day in, day out, can be tough.

– You run a production company named « Dream It » and already produced a few projects (“Walk a mile in my Pradas”, “Entertaining Mr Sloane”, “This way to your virtual lobotomy”). What kind of other projects are about to see the light or would you like to develope ?
– I have a couple of movie scripts in the works that I am very passionate about. I guess it comes down to taste and what turns me on creatively. I also hope to produce more theatre, when I find the time !

Emrhys Cooper in "Entertaining Mr Sloane"

– You were recently shooting in the TV show “Touch” as a guest star. Are you allowed to tell us more about it ?
– I can’t talk about my episode too much, but I can tell you I play a sharp tongued British publicist. It was a great show to work on.

– The competition seems to be very hard to get a role on a US TV show…
– Yes, it definitely is. But you gotta keep at it, as once in a while an amazing opportunity will be yours.

« Walk a mile in my Pradas » – « CSI:NY » – « Desperate Houswives »

– What advice could you give to young aspiring actors ?
– Stick at it, don’t give up. And work hard and stay positive. Enjoy the journey, not the end result. There are lots of different ways of measuring success. I measure it on how happy and fulfilled I feel. And right now I feel very happy and fulfilled !

– How do you see your career in a few years ? Would you like to direct one day ?
– I would love to become a regular on a great TV show, and I hope to find some more interesting movie roles. I would love to direct one day, but not for a while. I am enjoying where I am at now.

You can have more info on his official website Emrhys Cooper , like him on Facebook or follow him on Twitter.

He’ll be guest-starring in Season 2 of « Touch », but in the meantime you can see him co-hosting a new webshow called « Trend this TV« .


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