Conversation with… Diego Hartfield

17aug09 – Exclusive interview with Diego for, talking about his months at home, his come-back and tennis in general…

Webmaster : Do you think you’re mentally strong enough, to get over the fact that coming back after such a long time is physically very hard ?

Diego : I am. It was very hard at the beginning. I didn’t know if I really still wanted to play tennis. I was tired. But being out of the tour, you understand it’s a leisure life, and now I can’t wait to be back and compete again.

Webmaster : During that time, have you ever lost your love for tennis ?

Diego : Yes, I was losing it the last weeks before I got injured. It’s a very tough career, and you have to be strong to go through.

Webmaster : Did you use those months to compete in another sport ? Golf, for example ?

Diego : Not at all. I hit some balls of golf, but I didn’t do anything at all. Only relaxing and working on my legs to be back as soon as possible.

Webmaster : What did you do that you usually can’t do when you’re on tour ?

Diego : I stayed at home, spent time with my friends, went out to the stadium and maybe watched some shows more often… It was very nice to be at home these last six months I will miss it, but I know that after tennis I’ll do it again.

Webmaster : You followed the latest Davis Cup final from very close. How did you keep in touch with tennis ? Watching tournaments on television ?

Diego : Mmmh, not this year. After my injury, I didn’t watch tennis for maybe three months. The French Open was the first tournament I watched and after that, I started to miss the competition a little bit. Now I’m watching a little bit more, but not that much.

Webmaster : Do you sometimes have a look at the new generation of Argentinian players at Futures or Challengers ? Who may become a rising star ?

Diego : I don’t know too much the guys who play Futures. Maybe I’ll see them, because I’ll see if I play two or three Futures before any Challenger. I think Leo Mayer and Juan Martin Del Potro have a long and very good future, and Zeballos is still young and can play very good.

Webmaster : What about the charity exhibition you did last year during Christmas time with Chucho in Misiones ? Will you repeat it again this year ?

Diego : Hopefully ! It was very nice to do it. Chucho is a very good friend and we enjoyed doing it together. Sometimes it’s tough to fix a date , but we’ll do our best to do it again this year.

Webmaster : What’s been your most embarrassing on-court moment ?

Diego : Mmmh, I don’t remember any embarrassing moment. Haha, I’m sorry.

Webmaster : What would you say is your biggest talent, beside playing tennis ?

Diego : Mmmh, let’s say for now only tennis. After that, we’ll see…

Webmaster : What’s the fun thing about tennis fans and what’s the thing you really have a hard time dealing with when it comes to (female) fans ?

Diego : Haha, I don’t really think I have any fan (are you kidding us, Diego ?!). Maybe people like the way I play, but “fun” is a hard word. It’s never a hard time dealing with them. Only if they have my phone number and call me many times, but that doesn’t happen to me !

Webmaster : We’re all wondering what happened to that champagne bottle you won in Scheveningen last year ?

Diego : Haha, took it with me in the hotel room, I promise. And I went to bed a little bit drunk.

Webmaster : What kind of music would we never find in your CD collection ?

Diego : Never ? Mmmh, I can listen to everything. Maybe I’m not gonna buy any CD of Enrique Iglesias, or this kind of music. I like U2, Coldplay and some Argentinian bands.

Webmaster : What is your biggest accomplishment in the kitchen?

Diego : Mmmh, maybe roasted chicken with potatoes. It is delicious !

– Stylish or streetwear ? Streetwear

Computer or television ? Computer

– Indoor or outdoor life ? Indoor

Heart or mind ? Heart

Sensible or impulsive ? Sensible

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