Exclusive interview with a vampire… Kyle Schmid

On the set of the TV show « Copper », Kyle kindly accepted to answer a few questions about his role in « Being Human » and his numerous up-coming projects for 2012…

« Interview with a vampire » for Kyle Schmid France… Thanks to Muse Entertainment for its collaboration !

– With Season 2 of « Being Human » just over, the first question that comes to everybody’s mind is : as your character is still alive, will you be back as Henry in season 3 ?

– I can’t say… With a cliff-hanger finale like that, one the whole point is to leave the audience wondering what will happen next.

– What was your reaction when you got the script and read that the character was going to be a vampire named “Henry” ? Do you know if it was intentional that they gave him that name or a coincidence ?

– I had to laugh, how often does one get to portray a vampire let alone two different ones with the same name ? Funnily enough it was in fact a coincidence. It’s a very strong name of historical time periods.

– How long in advance do you get the script for the next episode on such a show ?

– It’s a little difficult to remember, but I believe we always had them a couple weeks in advance.

– What was it like for you when you found out you were going to play Sam Witwer’s character’s son? Did you know him ? Did ‘Smallville’ ever come up between you two?

– I didn’t know Sam and I don’t think “Smallville” ever did come up in conversation, but it was fun working with him.

– Henry has two different sides : a sweet kind self deprecating Henry that we see before he gets turned, and then the bitchy Henry from the 30s. How did you get prepared for that role and what was the most challenging part of it ?

– I believe an actor’s most powerful tool is his imagination. I’ve managed to play quite an array of characters over the years and at one point started prepping for a piece called ‘Four Saints’. So I had a little bit of knowledge under my belt.

– What kind of relationship is between Aidan and Henry ? Bishop (Mark Pellegrino) said : “We’re choosing our children because of what we think we see in ourselves”. Sam added that he copied Mark and figured out this is how Aiden was raised, so we should see some of Bishop in the way he raised Henry. Do you agree with that ?

– I’m not sure. I see Aiden and Bishop as two very different characters who have made very different decisions over the course of their lives, so I think that would have more of an impact on the overall relationship.

– You’ve created with Sam Witwer a very magnetic vampire duo. Can you tell us more about your relation on the set and where would you see Henry’s relationship with Aidan go ?

– Ha, thank you. Sam and I always had a fun time working with each other on set. We have a similar sense of humor and had many laughs which I think translated in-front of the camera too.

– In episode 5, Henry is falling down stairs, fighting with Aidan. Is it you or did you have to use a stuntman ?

– We did end up using a stunt man. The idea was tossed around for me to do it but in the end, it’s a hell of a fall and on a tight schedule it was better for a stunt man to do it. He made it look pretty damn bad ass.

– In episode 6, Dichen Lachman (Suren) told us you were shooting a fighting scene at the top of a building with no balcony. The staff wanted you to wear black contact lenses, but it was too risky. How did you finally manage to do that scene ?

– First of all, I have to say we shot a lot more than what was printed and all of it was top notch. We just worked around the obstacles that we needed to and trusted everything to the editing room. That’s the beauty of cinema.

– Can you tell us more about the skinless makeup process that took over four hours to put on you ? What was your first thought while watching yourself in the mirror ? Sam Witwer told us that this scene was shot twice : once, with the skin and once without…

– First and foremost, the SFX make-up team was a pleasure to work with. Sitting for 4-hours is hellish enough, but we had fun and listened to music and the time managed to pass by surely enough. And thank God for space heaters. I tell you, at 4.00 am basically naked you start freezing your ass off pretty quickly. I had the pleasure of watching as they went through the various stages of make-up application so what I had to expect wasn’t so much shocking as it was impressive. The final product was beautiful. We did shoot it twice. The bitch was the two hours it took to take the prosthetic off once we were finally finished.

– In episode 9, we can see that Henry Durham was such a careful doctor during WWI and how he was turned. What happened to him after that ? There is a big part of his vampire history missing… Could that be something that might be developed in Season 3 ?

– Fingers crossed !

– Since we know that you like to joke around, any pranks you pulled on your cast mates that you could share ?

– Not that I can think of. Unusual, I know.

– How was it to shoot in Montreal : did you have some free time to visit the city ?

– I honestly have to say that stay in Montreal turned it into one of my favorite cities. I really indulged in the food and the way of life there. “Au Pied de Cochon”, “L’Express” and “Crêpe Suzette” have to be some of my favorites spots to eat there.

– If the opportunity arose, in which TV show would you consider guest starring ?

– I haven’t watched a lot of TV in the past but have recently gotten hooked on “Breaking Bad” and “Mad Men”… Either one of those would be cool.

– It’s pretty awesome that you have already 15 years of career behind you…. From the Disney movies to Copper, how do you feel looking back ?

– 15 years… Wow. It’s funny to think about really. I guess looking back, I see the first part of a journey and can see that everything happens for a reason. I’m in such a wonderful place currently and am so happy and very grateful to the people and projects that have helped me get to where I am now.

– About some up-coming projects : this is the third time that you have worked with April Mullen – you met on the set of “A history of violence”. How did that collaboration on “GravyTrain” and “Dead Before Dawn” see the light (by the way, the movie will be at the Festival de Cannes for two private screenings) ?

– April and I have been friends since ‘A History of Violence’ and when she asked me about ‘GravyTrain’, I loved and respected the fact that she was taking this courageous leap into the directors chair. I’m so happy she did too because she’s going to have a great career. ‘Dead Before Dawn’ will screen in Cannes. It’s got a hilarious script with a great cast of friends and is well balanced and stylized.

– April said about your role in “GravyTrain” : “It was Lance’s normal routine to talk to potatoes. Kyle is such a pro actor that if the character is like that, he just embraces him, in its complete weirdness and strangeness.” Sounds like a compliment ?

– It does, doesn’t it ?… Thanks April 😉

– She said you would also play a different character again in “Dead Before Dawn”, very different from what we used to see you do. Any detail you can share on your character ?

– I play a jock similar to characters I played in ‘A History of Violence’ and ‘The Covenant’ but in the vain of ‘Dead Before Dawn’ got take those stereotypes to the next level and laugh at them. It was a lot of fun.

– Rudolf Buitendach said about “Dark Hearts” : “I can’t wait, it’s going to be great”. Can you tell us a little bit more about your role as Colson ?

– Colson is probably one of the darkest most internal characters I’ve ever played and thus one of my favorites. He’s an artist who in striving to find perfection in his work, loses himself to that and finds love in obsession with a young woman named Fran.

– You play a painter. Do you have any artistic talent in real life ?

– Not in painting, although I’ve never really tried it. I write and act (obviously) and I sketch a little.

– There was a private screening of the movie a few days ago, were you there to watch it ?

– I wasn’t and really wish I had been. I have been looking forward to it for the past 6 months. From what I hear it was accepted very well.

– In “Copper”, it is your first role in costume. How did you get prepared to play character from the past ?

– I did a lot of reading and research into the time period and worked closely with Tom Fontana who’s basically a walking Encyclopedia. Together, we found the right energy with the character. I think the sets and the wardrobe really put the icing on the cake though. The incredible detail and enormity of our sets don’t leave much to the imagination. As soon as I walk into the studio in wardrobe it’s easy to leave everything else behind.

– “Dark Star Hollow” is currently filming, are you still part of the project ?

– No. Oddly enough I’ve never even heard of the project or seen a script. Weird, right ?

– “Four Saints” was supposed to be filmed in Spring 2011 and had been unfortunately post-poned due to a last-minute retirement from one of the producer. Since the beginning of the year, the producers are recasting. Are you still on their cast list ?

– Yes.

– Two years ago, you were having a break to write scripts and talked about directing. How far did that project go ?

– That specific project is still finding its legs to move into production, but I also used that time to write a scripted drama and another feature which we’re currently working on selling.

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