Conversation with Rudolf Buitendach : from « Dark Hearts » to « Where the road runs out »

Rudolf Buitendach has now over 15 years of editing experience : he started with short films, then became a trailer editor and a feature film editor. Since 1996, he has an impressive list of awards and nominations : 2010 Winner Wilcard Round, 2008 Runner-up Feature Film Award, 2007 Winner New Producer’s Alliance Best Short and more…

Rudolf Buitendach

In 2011, he directed his first movie « Dark Hearts » and he’s currently in South Africa, preparing his second movie « Where the road runs out« . Rudolf took some time in his busy schedule to answer a few questions about « Dark Hearts« …

– What inspired you the « Dark Hearts » script ?

– I was inspired by the mix of surrealist elements, blood and paint and the dark romance with a muse.

– Did you have to adjust some parts once the cast was chosen ?

– Yes the part we really adjusted was Sam played by Lucas Till who was a bit passive originally and we really made him not just a voyeur but an active catalyst for the mayhem that ensues.

With Lucas Till on the set of « Dark Hearts »

– Where did you shoot the movie ? In Los Angeles ?

– We shot in Downtown LA – the Art’s district which has a thriving art scene and really complemented the story.

– Kyle Schmid is very proud of his character in « Dark Hearts » : « Colson is probably one of the darkest most internal characters I’ve ever played and thus one of my favorites« . What’s your opinion on his performance ?

– Kyle was like ‘my brother from another mother’, a really strong dedicated Colson, I fought for him over quite a few heavy A-listers and couldn’t be happier !

Kyle Schmid as Colson in « Dark Hearts »

– People are waiting for any news about a trailer, release dates or festivals. Is anything planned in a near future ?

– We are entering for Toronto, London Film Festival and Raindance so there should be some news soon, hopefully good !

– You’re just back from the Cannes film festival, what’s the feedback on « Dark Hearts » ?

– The feedback from Cannes was great, but it was a market screening so of course not our target audience, hope they love it.

Rudolf in Cannes

– You’re about to shoot your second movie called « Where the road runs out » with Juliet Landau (« Dark Hearts » / « Buffy, the Vampire Slayer »), Stelio Savante (« A million of colours », « Ugly Beety » SAG nominee) and Isaach de Bankolé (1987 French César winner). Is it special to you to shoot in South Africa, as you were born there ?

– Yes, l went to film school in South Africa, but haven’t been back here to work for over 20 years, so it is really special. I had dinner with Isaach last night and he felt the same, coming from The Ivory Coast, then moving to Paris at 17, living in New York and now coming back to Africa again to make a film. Both our own journeys echo the lead actor in the film George, so that is really special…

Scouting for « Where the road runs out » in Equatorial Guinea

Written by David Hughes and directed by Rudolf, « Where the road runs out » is the first feature film to be shot in Equatorial Guinea. The team will also shoot in Netherlands, South Africa and KwaZulu-Natal through June and July.

Synopsis : The sudden death of an old friend who has been running a field research station in Africa, gives a Rotterdam based respected scientist and lecturer (Isaach De Bankole) the incentive he needs to turn his back on his academia and return to his African roots. Arriving in Equatorial Guinea, he finds the field station in a state of disrepair. Through a local boy – Jimi -, his jaded eyes are opened to the possibilities of life in this rich and colorful place. Jimi also introduces him to Corina (Juliet Landau) who runs the local orphanage and a tentative, but heartfelt romance begins. With the unexpected arrival of George’s old friend Martin (Stelio Savante), George discovers there are many obstacles on the road to redemption and many more, where the road runs out.

Official website for « Dark Hearts« 

More info about Kyle Schmid on « Kyle Schmid France« 

Join the Facebook page for « When the road runs out« 


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