Show review : James Morrison in Stuttgart « The Awakening Tour »

I was waiting for that show since a long time after missing James Morrison in London and Paris, but finally Stuttgart was the right city and the Beethoven Liederhalle in Stuttgart was almost sold out that night.

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As far as I remember, the first time I heard James Morrison singing, it was “Broken strings” with Nelly Furtado. I loved that unique raw voice. He can sing anything : pop, folk, blues, soul, groove… He just doesn’t fit in any music category and that’s fine for me.

Marit Larsen, a Norwegian singer-songwriter opened for James. What a talented and funny girl. (Oh please Norway, send your artists abroad, there are good. Tusen takk.)

James arrived smiling, so let’s go for a great evening !He was telling jokes about coming home, his little “baby girl”, being recognized in the streets of Stuttgart, his time in America…  I loved the cup of tea on stage, this was sooo British.

During ninety minutes, he sang almost all the songs from is latest album and some old hits. Great atmosphere, great audience.

In my dreams” was written for his Dad gone too early. It is strange because once you know how and why a song was written, you never hear it the same way as before.

The awakening” was “dedicated to anyone who had a bad year in 2010”. Maybe that’s why I feel so concerned by his songs : there is a little bit of me in them… “I have one life and I want to live it right”. Those words ring in my ears very often now.

One of the highlights was probably “Slave to the music”, which is definitely a song that has to be played live : it is funky, groovy, rock and this only thing you wanna do is to dance ! I loved the wonderful acoustic version of “Broken strings” that looked so different from the duo. One man, one guitar is just the perfect combination.

The show was definitely brilliant, I had the feeling of discovering brand new songs, so different from the album and this is how you know that an artist is really worth it, when he’s good on stage.

It ended with “You give me something”… Oh, does it really have to end ?

Thank you James for sharing this evening with us. I can’t wait for another one.

I love his music and “I don’t wanna be saved”.

Tour dates on James Morrison Music.

Time for you to wake up and run to the next music store to buy his albums if you still don’t have them !


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